Preview: The Coathangers at Divan Orange April 15

April 14, 2014     / / /

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By Shawn Van De Peppel

It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to call The Coathangers a female version of The Black Lips, as simplistic as that might sound. Both bands hail from Atlanta and play dirty, occasionally snotty, sometimes bratty punk-infused rock ‘n roll with much garage rock thrown in for good measure. Where The Coathangers differ is the riot grrrl they throw in to their sound, something like The Gits having a fistfight with The Sonics.

The band is currently touring behind their brand new album, Suck My Shirt (get the picture?).

 Asides from this, there are a few other things that deserve to be noted about The Coathangers:

1- The album Scrambled from 2009 is worth checking out, like, right now if you’ve never heard it. It contains a song called “Arthritis Sux”, also.

2- The name of the new record is based on an incident where spilled tequila needed salvaging.

3- The video for their new single “Follow Me” kinda-sorta went viral. It features Mastodon wearing drag and lip synching the song in the band’s practice space

4- They’re gonna be selling some mega-limited edition copies of their new LP by the merch booth (fluorescent colors and all that, limited to something like 100 copies, to my understanding)


The Coathangers play Divan Orange this tuesday, april 15.

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