Pop Montreal Preview Podcast #3 – September 20-21, 2014

richard reed parry

Hey! We’re three days into Pop Montreal – are you still standing? We aren’t, but we managed record the third and final episode of our podcast marathon, featuring picks from days four and five of the fest. Take a look at the full schedule here and listen to songs from days one and two here and day three here. Stay hydrated!
Le Bonheur – FAV – Le Bonheur
Bad Channels – Death Toll
Nancy Pants – Happy
The Unicorns – Jellybones
Cyrus – Carry On
Poirier – Enemies ft. Face T (Machinedrum remix)
Frase (aka FM Hi Low) – I can’t Stop
Sarah Pagé (with Barr Brothers) – Beggar In The Morning
The Sin and The Swoon – Josephine
Elliot Maginot – Jepeto
The Adam Brown – Jon Snow
Po Lazarus – If You Are Alone
Ainsley McNeaney – The Moon
Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother
Richard Reed Parry – Duet For The Heart And Breath
Jessy Lanza – Kathy Lee

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This podcast is a continuation of the Montreal Weekend Playlist, which ran on Midnight Poutine for seven years before moving to this site in December 2013. It has been named Montreal’s #1 podcast by The Cult MTL two years in a row. Read more about it here

Hosts: Amie Watson and Max Desmarais
Production: Max Desmarais (audio) and Greg Bouchard (music)