Montreal Indie & DIY Music Podcast #40 – Passovah Summer Fest Preview


Passovah Summer Fest is back! Here are some pics from the party of the season. Thanks as always to Breater for the recording space, and don’t forget to redeem your special “HELLOINTERNET” promo code.
Smokes – Body Heat
Conley – Laughter
Postdata – Paranoid Clusters
Katie Moore – Leaving
Holy Data – I Want it All
Receivers – Long May the Night
Sunfields – Kiss Shy
Daniel Isaiah – Heart Attack
Moonface – Julia with Blue Jeans On
Muscadettes – Pearl and Oyster
Bantam Wing – What Would You
The Luyas – Your Name’s Mostly Water
Crabe – Le Sydney pastel comme un schéma

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This podcast is a continuation of the Montreal Weekend Playlist, which ran on Midnight Poutine for seven years before moving to this site in December 2013. It has been named Montreal’s #1 podcast by The Cult MTL twice. It was also featured on Monocle Magazine’s Entrepreneurs podcast.

Hosts: Amie Watson and Max Desmarais.

Photo: Muscadettes