Montreal Indie & DIY Music Podcast #30 – 2014 in Review


2014 was a killer year for Canadian music. In this episode, we look back over the albums that we loved and speculate over what was in the water to make things so amazing this year. Thanks for listening & see you in 2015.
Planet Hollywood – Magic Mirror
Operators – True
Unbuttoned – My Dealer
Loscil – Ahull
Tops – Way To Be Loved
Sea Oleena – If I’m
Lydia Ainsworth – Hologram
Elliot Maginot – Monsters At War
Geneviève Racette – Bricolage
The Damn Truth – Montreal
Emon McGrath – Paper Boats
Soda Pony – Astronaut

Note: This podcast went up late, and we apologize both to listeners and to the bands whose holiday shows we covered. The unfortunate fact is that we’re stretched a little thin here at Radio Cannon and could use some help. Get in touch if you’re into web production and music journalism and let’s talk:

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This podcast is a continuation of the Montreal Weekend Playlist, which ran on Midnight Poutine for seven years before moving to this site in December 2013. It has been named Montreal’s #1 podcast by The Cult MTL two years in a row. Read more about it here.

Hosts: Amie Watson and Max Desmarais
Production: Max Desmarais (audio) and Greg Bouchard (music)

Photo: TOPS