Iredea Melts Your Face with Apocalyptic Dance

May 2, 2014     / / / / / /


By Emily Hill

Iredea is a sci-fi dance rock opera – and it’s as awesome as it sounds.

It involves a quest more perilous than Mordor. And superpowers more imaginative than Marvel. Iredea unites lovers of Comic Con, Final Fantasy, Blade Runner, and “basically,” says artistic director Ted Strauss, “all the kooky people in their basements.”

Complete with acid trip visuals, atomic explosions, and full body tattoos, what is Iredea’s dystopian cherry on top? The apocalypse. It may sound like a jumble of source material, but Iredea finds a way to stay relevant, entertaining, and compelling in it’s post-apocalyptic narrative.

Jenn Doan, the choreographer and lead dancer in the piece, hedges the “contemporary” classification. Her movements, inspired in part by movie editing, are hard to classify, incorporating quick cuts, slow motion, and explosive bursts. “I wanted to play with timing, rhythm, and motion like you can in film,” Doan says, “but with bodies as the medium.”

Plus, the apocalypse is so hot right now. We can’t stop making movies, music, and memes about it. Probably because, Strauss says, it’s fucking terrifying. “In today’s climate crisis, there’s a very real threat of global calamity. And our decisions make an impact on whether or not that comes to pass.”

Strauss and Doan, with a host of incredible costume designers, prop inventors, and visual artists, are using sci-fi themes that look and feel futuristic, but apply directly to modern times. “We’re taking something threatening, and instead of being rational or cynical, we’re addressing it directly with humor and entertainment,” says Strauss.

Opening this Saturday at the Festival Accès Asie, watch robots, dance, and rock ‘n roll turn our 21st century angst into something accessible, beautiful, and humorous. With lazers.

Event details:
Saturday, May 3 8:30 p.m.
1200, rue Bleury
Reserve tickets here

Support Iredea’s Indiegogo campaign:

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