7 Purely 90s musical moments from TGIF that time forgot

March 7, 2014    


By Greg Bouchard

It’s Friday. That got me thinking, “Thank God it’s friday,” which got me thinking of TGIF, which got me thinking of Steve Fuckin’ Urkel and John Fuckin’ Stamos the rest of the early/mid-90s Friday night ABC lineup. This led to googling, which led to uncovering these musical gems. Somewhere underneath their cheesy synth beats, their Van Halen guitars, their flattops, and their cringe-inducing earnestness, there’s magic. And nostalgia. And… just go on this journey with me already.

Steve Urkel’s “Do the Urkel” choreographed group dace in the high school gym from Family Matters.

The time John Stamos had a 7-piece band waiting in the basement on Full House.

Balki and Larry from Perfect Strangers dancing to “Can’t Touch This.”

MORE STAMOS – this time the utterly ridiculous music video for his song “Forever,” featuring babies, candles.

The Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper theme song. Just the theme song, because it’s that good.

Cody from Step by Step trying repeatedly to be a blues guitarist.


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Okay, have a good weekend. Get outside.

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